About the NWATA

Athletic training is practiced by athletic trainers, health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients. Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and intervention of emergency, acute, and chronic medical conditions involving impairment,
functional limitations, and disabilities.

NWATA.org was created by the Athletic Trainers in District 10 of the NATA to help disseminate information that is critical to the issues that affect the our membership and to help educate the public about a vital group of health professionals that is working in many different venues working with the active people of all ages.

Important Dates




March 22 – March 25, 2018
Portland, OR
(Red Lion Jantzen Beach)

March 28 – March 31, 2019
Spokane, WA (Red Lion)


June 26-29, 2017
Houston, TX

June 26-29, 2018
New Orleans, LA

June 24-29, 2019
Las Vegas, NV

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NWATA Newsletters

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Congratulations to the past NWATA Award Winners! 

We value your contributions to this organization!


NWATA Service Award winners

2005 – Brent Faure, ID

2006 – Mike Coco, WA and Shelly Jones, OR

2007 – Russ Richardson, WA

2008 – Tony Fitzpatrick, ID, Jill Allen, WA, Patrick Olsen, WA

2009 – Jerry Krummel, OR

2010 – Jim Wallis, OR; Bryce Gillespie, OR

2011 – Mike Fine, WA; Pam Arriola, ID

2012 - JC Weida, MT

2014 - Bonnie Smith (WA), Dana Gunter (WA), Katy Pietz (WA), Lynne Young (AK)

2015 - Ben Henry, WA; Heather Halseth, OR; Jeff Kawaguchi, OR; Janelle Handlos, MT; Valerie Moody, MT 

2016 - Dani Moffit (ID), Jennifer Krug (OR), Kim Terrell (OR)


Educator Award (This award was eliminated after 2010)

2005 – Jackie Williams, Uof Idaho

2006 – Greg Hill, Linfield

2007 – Dave Sherden, Franklin HS, OR

2008 – Melinda Larsen, Whitworth

2009 – Mark Hoffman, Oregon State Univ.

2010 – Dale Isaak, George Fox


New Horizons Award (started in 2011)

2011 – Ben Henry, WA

2012 - Craig Bennett, WA

2014 - Tim Nicolello, ID

2015 - Joanna Schisel, ID

2016 - Josh Holliday (WA)


District Director’s Award (started in 2011)

2011 – Dennis Murphy (Richardson)

2012 - Jim Wallis (Richardson)

2012 - Dr. Stan Herring (Richardson)

2013 - Steve Moore

2014 - Heather Healseth

2015 - Marty Matney

2016 - Jenn Stueckle (Wood)


Honorary Memberships

2010 - Chuck Kimmel

2010 - Brian Robinson

2012 - Cade Halseth

2014 - Eve Becker-Doyle