About the NWATA

Athletic training is practiced by athletic trainers, health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients. Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and intervention of emergency, acute, and chronic medical conditions involving impairment,
functional limitations, and disabilities.

NWATA.org was created by the Athletic Trainers in District 10 of the NATA to help disseminate information that is critical to the issues that affect the our membership and to help educate the public about a vital group of health professionals that is working in many different venues working with the active people of all ages.

Important Dates




March 22 – March 25, 2018
Portland, OR
(Red Lion Jantzen Beach)

March 28 – March 31, 2019
Spokane, WA (Red Lion)


June 26-29, 2017
Houston, TX

June 26-29, 2018
New Orleans, LA

June 24-29, 2019
Las Vegas, NV

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Keep communications up to date! Please remember if your contact information has changed to update it at www.nata.org, including your email address! We want to be able to keep you informed of NWATA news via eblast.

NWATA Newsletters

Read the current NWATA Student Newsletter, The Skim


President's Message

Greetings NWATA Members!

Hope you are all surviving the busy Fall Season.   I am trying to keep my head above water.   It’s been very disheartening to hear of the high number of athletic fatalities this year, and every day I am reminded that I am involved in a great profession that centers around loving and taking care of our patients by doing everything possible to keep them healthy.  We must not forget the thousands of individuals we have touched and lives that have been saved by our actions.   My thoughts go out to those affected by the tragedies.  I am positive that the amount of support from other ATs has been tremendous because of the compassion we share for one another.   Don’t forget to take care of yourselves as well.

Since June, we have had some changes/additions:

  1. We added 9 new incoming committee chairs!   It was a big year for turnover of committee representation.   The new members will begin their terms in June.  Thank you to everyone who applied, thus volunteering to give back to this great profession and organization.   We appreciate you!   And thank you to the current committee chairs who have dedicated their time
  2. We are excited to announce that Ben Henry was elected as our new NWATA Secretary!   Thanks to those members who took time to vote in the election.  Also, big thanks to Jen Carrol and Tristan Fujita, who both were outstanding candidates! 
  3. HAVE YOU SEEN OUR NEW LOGO???     We are so happy with our new logo-   We loved the current logo designed in 2010 by Carolyn Durocher, yet wanted to incorporate the new AT portion of the NATA logo into the design.  We were pleased with the outcome and hope you are too!
  4. Take a moment to nominate deserving colleagues for our NWATA Awards!   These awards will be given in March at our symposium in Boise.   You can find the information on our website.
  5. Speaking of our Symposium…   Save the Date:   March 31-April 3rd are the dates set for our annual symposium and membership meeting in Boise, ID.   Watch for registration to open toward the end of the year. 

So much more I could mention!!!  But, I’m not even sure you have time to read this much, so I’ll finish up! Hope to see you all in March if not before!  J




President's Message

July 2015

Happy Summer NWATA Members!


Hope you are all off to a relaxing summer and can find time to enjoy the sun with your friends & families.

I recently returned from NATA in St.Louis- it was a blast and we accomplished a few things as well!

It was a pleasure to watch our friend, Russ Richardson be awarded with the highest honor in Athletic Training, as he was inducted into the NATA Hall of Fame.   We celebrated this success with our members after our business meeting, and had a great time.   Congratulations, again, to Russ, and thanks for everyone who came to celebrate with us!

Some exciting business we accomplished:  The Student Senate brought the BOD a proposal to extend their student activities at our D10 symposiums.   We approved this idea to start in Boise/March 2016.   The students will come a day early (Thurs) and do their programming.  This frees them up to participate in the NWATA programming the rest of the weekend.   We are excited to have more interaction with the students and look forward to seeing how the new schedule goes!     In other news, our History and Archives committee is making progress and will be unveiling a new Hall of Fame display in Boise!  It will be beautiful and a great way to honor our past!

As you’ll see in the Newsletter, we have lots of committee openings.   We will be filling these committee spots this Fall, so the “incoming” chair can shadow the outgoing chair to become familiar with the position, and attend the joint committee meeting in January with all of the NATA committees.   It is an amazing experience to serve this organization.  You won’t regret it, I promise.   If you have any interest in applying, please see our website and check out the openings and application process.    The Secretary position on the Board of Directors is open as well.    

State Meetings and symposiums are this summer – thank you to those who organize and offer these local opportunities for our members.   I wish I could attend every state meeting, but I also try to squeeze in time with my family in the summer!  I’ve seen the programs, and EBPs are even offered in some states.  Check them out!

That’s it for now- Enjoy the newsletter!





President's Message - March 2015

Happy National Athletic Training Month!

“We Prepare- You Perform” is this year’s theme.   Let’s remember to support our profession and participate in NATM.  Let us know what you did to educate the public about Athletic Training!

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you in Spokane, March 27-29 at our 35th Annual Symposium and Membership meeting.  Thanks to Heather Halseth and the local committee led by Cynthia Wright, we have an outstanding educational program!    In addition to the (up to) 11.75 CEUs you can earn, we are excited to be offering 3.75 Evidenced Based CEUs AND 2-4 more EBP CEUs offered in workshops.  We have also added free communications to highlight our researchers, and at the Friday night social will be honoring of our Hall of Fame members.  If you haven’t already heard, we will be inducting Russ Richardson into our Hall of Fame as well!   If you haven’t registered- there is still time!  Go to http://events.SignUp4.com/NWATA-15_Registration

Thank you for your patience as we struggled to find enough hotel rooms for our conference in Spokane.   We brainstormed and made many, many phone calls, and thankfully, Heather was able to find a hotel close to our conference which would hold extra rooms for our members.    This problem was out of our hands, but I’m thankful for our leadership team that worked together to find a solution for our members.

I hope to see as many D10 members as possible in St.Louis for the NATA Annual convention.  Some highlights:  Tuesday, June 23rd– Welcome Reception; Wednesday, June 24th - District Meeting and D10 reception; Thursday June 25th- General Session/Keynote/Awards/Hall of Fame.  Our very own past District Director, Russ Richardson will be inducted into the NATA Hall of Fame!  We will be hosting a reception in his honor immediately following the District Meetings.  Plan to attend! J

Thank you for your “vote of confidence” to remain your Director for another term.   I can tell you that I am honored to serve our membership and consider you all my AT family.   I have always said that I certainly don’t know everything, but I know a lot of people and I’m not afraid to ask for help! J  I will continue to lead our organization by involving our members so please feel free to communicate with me with issues that concern or interest you!




Message from the President

NWATA Members - Happy Fall!

It’s definitely Fall weather here in Redmond, a fresh coat of snow on the mountains this morning has me ready for winter now! J

Not a lot of pressing news, but a couple reminders:

*NWATA has three awards – Outstanding Service, New Horizons (for a YP) and Hall of Fame.  Go to our website at http://nwata.squarespace.com/honors-awards/ for more information on those.  Our deadline is Dec.1st.

Also check out some of NATA’s awards that are still open such as:

Gatorade’s Secondary Schools AT Award -  Visit the NATA website at: https://nata.org/Gatorade-Secondary-School-AT-Award to begin the nomination process.  Deadline is November 15th.


Our History and Archives committee is working on a new display to honor our past.  Watch for the unveiling at the D10 meeting in March, where we also will be honoring our award winners and all Hall of Fame members at the Friday night social.


NWATA is on Social Media!  “ Like” our Facebook page Northwest Athletic Trainers (NWATA District 10), and follow us on Twitter  @NWATAd10


NPI – Have you gotten a NPI number for yourself???   It is important that you do, regardless of your work setting.  Go to http://www.nata.org/NPI for info.  If you are unsure if you have an NPI number, you can go to http://www.npinumberlookup.org/  to look it up!


SAVE THE DATE!  NWATA-District 10 Symposium in Spokane, WA – March 27-28, 2015.   The planning committee is already busy and the program is looking fantastic!!!   Look for the addition of Free Communications this year!    Watch for registration to open around the first of the year.


Cheers!    Cari



Message from the President

NWATA members-


Hope you survived the fall season and are ready for the cold weather! 

As I type this, your BOD just finished up a conference call with Heather Halseth, District Meeting coordinator and Shelly Jones, local coordinator of the NWATA Symposium and Business meeting in March 2014 in Portland.  I can assure you that you don’t want to miss this meeting! With Heather, Shelly, and their committee’s hard work, it is shaping up nicely and we are excited to launch registration in early January.  


Also coming up in January, your committee chairs will be convening in Dallas, TX at the NATA Headquarters for a joint committee meeting weekend.   This is new for the NATA committees to be able to meet mid-year, face to face with representatives from every District.  There will be lots of excitement and ideas flowing at these meetings to bring back to our districts.   We thank the NATA for recognizing the importance of face to face meetings by funding this opportunity for our committee chairs, and we thank our committee chairs for working on our behalf to better our profession!


Have a fantastic, yet safe winter season- and as always, feel free to contact me with any feedback, comments, or requests!   I love hearing from our members!




NWATA President/Director