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Athletic training is practiced by athletic trainers, health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patients and clients. Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and intervention of emergency, acute, and chronic medical conditions involving impairment,
functional limitations, and disabilities.

NWATA.org was created by the Athletic Trainers in District 10 of the NATA to help disseminate information that is critical to the issues that affect the our membership and to help educate the public about a vital group of health professionals that is working in many different venues working with the active people of all ages.

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March 28 – March 31, 2019
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June 26-29, 2017
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June 24-29, 2019
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Contact: Josh Holliday, Yakima School District

Provide input and direction to NWATA’s public relations program by:

a. Communicating between state public relations committees.

b. Ascertain available public relation resources.

c. Implementing meaningful, viable public relations activities.

d. Submitting items to national, regional and state athletic training publications.

e. Advising the President and Board on matters pertaining to public relations.


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NATA 2014 June PR Report

Total June audience reach: 117,000,000+  


1. NATA 65th Clinical Symposia and AT Expo


We worked closely with NATA on all media relations elements including:

June 27 press event (see below).

We are excited to spotlight media results and our efforts to generate sustained PR from the June 27 press event. NATA advance-released the executive summary of its 2014 position statement on exertional heat illnesses and promoted research from the Free Communications “Hot Topics in Heat” session. Total media impressions from the convention exceed 100 million to date.

We worked closely with Doug Casa, chair of the position statement writing group, and writing group member Rebecca Lopez; the five authors of the Free Communications session and moderator Brendon McDermott. All enthusiastically participated in media interviews as requested. We were also able to secure the participation of Joe Reitz, offensive lineman for the Indianapolis Colts, who shared his personal and professional comments on sports health, hydration and prevention of heat illness with the audience. Joe also conducted select media interviews and was a highly engaging and motivational speaker to the overall program. We were delighted to be able to leverage all of this news in such a timely, national and highly compelling environment.

As a result of the Free Communications format, we had a full room of members, media and other guests. Highlights of media coverage are included below. We will continue to monitor media coverage in the weeks ahead.

Note: in a few cases below you will see we’ve included additional convention news that particular media outlets published or produced. We’ve kept this under one heading so it is easy to see the breadth and depth of coverage provided from individual outlets. 



The press event generated more than 180 TV stories largely as a result of strong local media coverage (details below) and news broadcast packages.


Highlights include:

NBC NewsChannel Early Feed (KYMA-NBC/Yuma, AZ):                 

WLBT-NBC/Jackson, MS

KRIV-FOX, Houston TX

WBAY-ABC/Green Bay, WI

KOMO-ABC/Seattle, WA

WHAM-ABC, Rochester, NY

  • Local TV coverage (more than a dozen local stories aired during the week):


WISH-TV/CBS: interviewed Kevin Guskiewicz and Dave Klossner for a summer story on high school football/sports and concussion tied to recent legislation in Indiana. They also produced a few segments from the floor of the convention center.  Click HERE                

Fox59: Reporter Michael Henrich promoted the press conference days ahead of time and set up a camera for live shots from the convention the morning of the event. Coverage continued throughout the day.


Brendon McDermott (preview day before event)

Early Friday AM Teaser

Event coverage

The affiliate also covered the concussion topic: Steve Broglio and concussions (Fox 59 local)

WTHR-TV/NBC onsite coverage (evening news):

WRTV-ABC: Pre-event coverage

Onsite event coverage  (including Joe Reitz and Doug Casa)

To review an evolving list of TV coverage please click here.

Total TV audience reach generated more than $180,000.00 in equivalent advertising rates and an audience reach of nearly 3.5 million.


National Public Radio:

Reporter Kara Manke reported on the heat illnesses findings and included an interview with Doug Casa:

 Sirius Satellite Radio

Indiana Radio Network:

Producer Taylor Bennett conducted a taped interview with Rebecca Lopez, position statement writing group member, for distribution to 70 statewide affiliates. We are tracking coverage.  

 WFIU-AM/Indiana Public Media:


 New York Times:

Jane Brody sourced NATA, past and current heat illness guidelines and quotes from Doug Casa in her Tuesday, July 1 personal health column

  • USA Today:

We worked with USA Today on three stories during the course of the week. The first was with Kelly Whiteside, sports reporter, covering the World Cup and heat and hydration issues. After receiving our event media alert she asked for comment from Doug Casa for this Friday, June 20 article

We also worked with Gary Mihoces, NFL reporter, who did a “day in the sports health life” of Indianapolis Colts lineman, Joe Reitz. Joe was the featured celebrity speaker at the press event. The June 26 article included reference to the guidelines and was picked up by the Jackson (Fla.) Sun, another Gannett paper.



ESPN picked up on the Gary Mihoces story and condensed it for an article on its website also featuring Joe Reitz

And, we worked with Kim Painter, news and health reporter on a full news feature on the guidelines including quotes from Doug Casa and a case history profile. This also was picked up by the Jackson Sun


  • HealthDay (news distribution service) article:

We worked with reporter Brenda Goodman on this article which generated 35 stories to date. The article includes reference to the new guidelines and two of the Free Communications studies (CoolShirt and hand cooling gloves).  Here are three sample stories (full recap attached):




  • Reuters Health:

Reporter Megan Brooks wrote four articles that have been posted to the RH professional subscription-only site. They are specific to the CoolShirt, Discomfort Index, hydration education and NATA heat guidelines. Medscape covered both the DI And CoolShirt research, respectively as follows (see Addendum for select full articles):



John Doherty, NATA member and columnist of his local paper, covered the event in his column this week:



Advance for Directors in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation:



Orthopedics Today

Athletic Business

Education Week


Wall Street Journal:

Network News:

CBS NewsPath:




In addition to our efforts to promote the press event and individual educational sessions, we distributed a press release highlighting three studies specific to student health and welfare in the July-August 2014 Journal of Athletic Training. One paper was specific to a 20-year study in middle schools in Hawaii and looking at injury rates/types of injury. We’ve secured select coverage as follows:


Coach and Athletic Director


Education Week: The article was also picked up on the Winning Hoops website:




Select articles we’ve tracked specific to this announcement include two about Paula Turocy (and we worked with her office behind the scenes as well to support their internal efforts):




Advance for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine


We continue to work with Advance and editor Jon Bassett on bylined articles for the year. Tamara McLeod wrote an article on concussions in support of the recent NATA position statement which appeared in the June issue 

We met with editor Jon Bassett at the convention to plan articles for the year ahead and are solidifying topics now. We have agreed to a fall article on pitching and overuse injuries in baseball. This will be well timed to the playoffs and incorporate all levels of participation from youth to professional. We are working with Jamey Gordon, who is affiliated with St. Vincent Sports Performance (IN) and USA Baseball.


Consumer Placements

People Magazine, July 7, total audience reach: 3.5 million+

People magazine’s July 7 issue appeared on newsstands during the NATA convention with a quote from Jim Thornton, as NATA president, and his comments on Friday Night Tykes and youth football. NATA had issued a statement on this program several months ago and People was curious to explore the continued focus on very young athletes and the impact of play, coach input and overall physical and mental health. Jim’s message was one of moderation and concern for the young athlete: “Give them a break,” says Jim Thornton, president of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, “why do they have to start tackling at that age.” The story is on page 62 and links are subscriber sensitive.  

Associated Press, June 20, 2014, total audience reach: more than 10 million

Steve Broglio was interviewed by AP reporter Lauran Neergaard who contacted us about new helmet testing to reduce help incidence of concussion. The article generated more than 200 additional stories in newspapers nationwide. Here is one example:


Dallas Morning News, June 2, 2014, total audience reach: more than 4 million

Health and fitness reporter Leslie Barker contacted us regarding a story on men’s health and what men know/should know to keep themselves healthy. We coordinated this interview with Ken Locker and have tracked nearly 20 stories generated by the article including philly.com among other outlets:


Dallas Morning News: