2021 VIRTUAL NWATA Meeting


Thank you for registering for VNWATA2021.  Even though the live sessions are closed, you can see them, as video on demand courses, by CLICKING HERE.


Remember that VWNATA2021 will close April 4.

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1st Annual 


Fun 5K Walk/Run

“Run with Scissors”


Dates to participate:  

March 1- March 31, 2021



Sponsor Information

We would like to thank the following vendors for their VNWATA sponsorship this year.  We all know the circumstances are not the greatest but through it all we have some dedicated and driven supporters within our district.  Please stop by each “booth” during the VNWATA 2021 and show your appreciation to those who are supporting us.  We cannot do it without them and you know they are here for us.  They too are essential for us to take care of others.  Thank you!


VNWATA Meeting Team 2021


Thank you to our NWATA Sponsors