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The AT Teaching Tips series was designed to recognize and share innovative teaching and learning ideas by academic professionals in the field of athletic training through the distribution of pedagogical tips that can be used to enhance teaching, learning and assessment.  

The ideal Teaching Tip includes, but not limited to, strategies that align with one of the categories below:
• Increase student motivation 
• Promote active learning, skill acquisition & improve communication 
• Develop skills of history taking and physical examination 
• Develop learner attitudes, values and self-awareness

A Teaching Tip is essentially 7-10 minute video which offers AT educators or any NATA member a 'useful tip' in hope to develop teaching methodology, best practices, content delivery and/or assessment of skills. The Professional Education Committee (PEC) developed a PowerPoint template to utilize when creating the tip which makes creating the tip super easy. If you are interested in creating an AT Teaching Tip please contact Kimberly Wise (k1wise@bridgew.ed) at your earliest convenience.

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