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Statements of Support

Dear NWATA Members,


Below is a message from the NWATA EDAC Committee with FULL support from the NWATA Board of Directors.




It is with great sadness that we are all witnessing an increase in violence and threats of violence towards some of our most vulnerable.  We cannot ignore these threats, intimidation, assaults, injuries, and deaths fuled by anti-Asian discrimination and hate.  During the past year, Asians and those of Asian descent have been victims of increased racism and xenophobia.  The NWATA Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee is dedicated to anti-racism and social justice, and we firmly condemn hate and violence of all forms.  This includes the recent acts of violence against the Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) community.


So, to our membership who are people of color, we want you to know that we share in your heartbreak, grief, and anger over the racial injustices.  Seeing recent events reminds us how far we still have to go to both heal from a long history of discrimination, hatred and bigotry, and to continue working against the discrimination, hatred, and bigotry which remain in our society.  We stand next to you and commit to do our best to confront racism through anti-racist action, both in society and within our practice settings and patient populations.


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