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There are two different types of committees in the District.  Some are district based and others are liaisons to larger committees within the NATA. 


Committee openings will be posted for a minimum of 30 days.  Interested members should send a letter of interest and resume to the current District Director.

The District 10 BOD will make decisions on district based committees and the following procedure is used for committees that report to the NATA.

1) the committee chair notifies NATA and the district director of the vacancy;

2) the district communicates the opening to its members while the departing committee member recruits for the replacement;

3) interested candidates send a CV and letter of intent to the director;

4) the director reviews the application and sends the top 1-2 candidates to the committee chair;

5) the chair approves one or both candidates;

6) the director makes the final decision.

District 10 Committees

Hall of Fame/Awards  
Valerie Moody

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Dale Blair
Wenatchee High School

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Professional Responsibilities in 

Athletic Training (PRAT)

Madelyne(Midge) Peterson

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Quiz Bowl Director   

Greg Mitchell  


History / Archives

Ken Kladnik                     

Rusty Baker       

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Research Committee     

Scott Landis
Washington State University   

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LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee

Jodee Roberts

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NATA Committees

NATA Foundation          

Bill Drake

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Visit the District 10 Foundation website


Early Professional Committee

Jessi Cole


Career Advancement

Matthew Smitley


Ethnic Diversity

Jeff Kawaguchi

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Governmental Affairs   

Sam Johnson 

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Secondary Schools         

Lynne Young

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Political Action Committee (NATAPAC)  

Tom Bair  

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Committee on Practice Advancement (COPA)

Tom Bair

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​Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE)   

Ciara Ashworth

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Education Advancement Committee (EAC)

Gen Ludwig

Professional Education (PEC)     

Cassie Hodgin
Washington State University 

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Professional Development (PDC)             

Emily Norcross
Oregon State University

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ATs Care            

Lisa Kenney
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Post Professional Educ (PPEC)   

Megan Sutley

Connection and Engagement Committee

Erin Guidarelli
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NATA Hall of Fame         

Rick Griffin 
Seattle Mariners 

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Dan Ruiz



Britnie Jones     


Student Leadership:

Dustyn Walton

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