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Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee

Mission Statement: The NWATA Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee (EDAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the NWATA Board of Directors, aiming to identify and address issues relevant to the ethnically diverse populations to better serve the needs of our patients, as well as members of the profession.  EDAC advocates sensitivity toward cultural diversity, development of cultural competence within the profession and promotion of athletic trainers as leaders in issues related to cultural competence and professional diversity within the health care professions.


Jeff Kawaguchi

Visit the NATA Ethnic Diversity page.


Committee Members:

We are currently seeking committee members from Washington, Oregon and Alaska.  If you are interested please reach out the committee chair (Jeff Kawaguchi PT, PhD, ATC)


John Sunchild MAT, LAT, ATC


Jessica Kerns MSAT, LAT, ATC


Graduate Student Representative

Chelsey Chaves (Pacific University)



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